Our Story (About Us)

Karabulut Trade Company was founded in 1994 in Fatih district of Istanbul and still continuing its services e-commerce site was founded in 2006 behalf of Karabulut Trade company online shopping site's main teheme is smart interesting technologies and interesting gadgets products has thousands of various products, dozens of interesting categories of different products offered online sales.

We doen so good qualities business with our experience of 22 years of trade and 10 years of experience in e-commerce sector with products that facilitate life for the first time in a decade.

Whatever the environment, we have never intended to lose our energy, positive thoughts, science and technology enthusiasm aimed at reaching our goals that we determined 22 years ago.

 We have worked with Hongkong Lylying International in 2010 by carrying our experiences and services internationally. In the year of 2011, Hongkong Shenzhen Import and Export International Technologhy first took distributorship for Turkey, Germany and Ukraine and then for all European countries. As a result of our studies, we produced and imported GX ultrasonic technologhy products and led bulb products. We first introduced ultrasonic technology and led bulb technology to Turkey and provided the promotion and sales of these new technologies both in Turkey and in Europe.

In 2013 we shared our e-commerce experience with Ukraine and we established Torgovaya Grouppa with Shenzhen Import Export International Technologhy of Hongkong.

We were the first Turkish company to establish an e-commerce company in the field of science, technology and interesting products in Ukraine.

We have been the first Turkish company to receive the Science Award in Honkong as a result of our promotional and sales activities, which we have done to improve the technology of GX products by Shenzhen Import Export International Technologhy company in 2015. domain name is registered behalf of Karabulut Trade Company.

The GX branded products we import and distribute in Turkey are registered trademarks by Turkish Government behalf of Karabulut Trade Company.


Trade Group first in Ukraine then in Estonia together with the European Union in 2017, Silicon Valley and become the internet republic of Estonia Government IT technologies development projects, e-commerce system and our ultrasonic repellent products in the digital image on behalf of the GX Estonia projects applications approved.The Estonia government has made a digital session to our esteemed state firm managers to approve our companies and our technology work, and we have started the European Union digital program, Estonia Startup, which is a digital program. UnfortunatelyTurkey could not enter the European Union but with Ukraine's first step to the European Union and then approved by the Estonian state our systems and services of our companies have been approved by the European Union as a quality by entering the European Union completely.


All investments in the internet, science, and as a result of the work of our company which name-tech Estonia's government has given us the approval and support we are honored.We so much thanks to Estonia state and government and the we would like to thank Estonia's clever and smart 47-year-old president,Mrs. Kersti Kaljulaid! is the only Turkish E-commerce company selected for the European Union's Silicon Valley Estonia startup program.


An information technology (IT) company established in Estonia is a European Union company.



Always making sure and steady steps to new formations by creating differences ...


To provide the best and high quality service to our customers without being tired from the ages under the conditions of today's economy ...


Customer happiness

Quality service

Trust, Balance


To be in the long boat