Blog 13th. Annivesary E-commerce Company's 13th Year Message:

Our company Karabulut Ticaret was founded on 01.06.1994 but our e-commerce site 13 years ago was established on 19.01.2006.

Since the day it was founded, has given importance to globalization,innovation,branding and developing technologies in many countries.

First we thank who work with positive energy and working hard team then we thank our valued customers for growing up together and offer our respect and cheers! Administrative


Behind The Scenes Story of Products Out of Stock

In the e-commerce sector,there is a behind-the-scenes story that the customer can not see or know. If it does not, the project cannot be an e-commerce project.

A few days ago in our othr article we have tried to explain a little about the behind-the-back story of the products in stock.
Our customers can ask often why this product in not stock ,when it will be come or could you bring for me.Even same customers can ask ask on the other ways example instagram,facebook.

This customer behavior is as if we don't know how to bring or sell products that are not in stock. But the team is aware of every issue.

Why a product is not in stock? Because the all stock ended for this product.
When the product will see in stock? When it come to our stock we will open to sale
Is the product in stock available for me? No, in general, unfortunately can not be bring.Ana all normal questions or answera till now.
But what are the abnormal stages behind the scenes about products that are not in stock?
Products supplied by importer, supplier and main dealer companies that does not import:
- The relevant product can be sold in sufficient quantity in accordance with the sales plans of our company or not being sold fast.

- There may be general service and technical service problems of the importer / supplier of the relevant product.

- Customer complaints about the product may be excessive. management of the product with the importer / supplier company may have experienced commercial disputes.

- The importer / supplier may have a higher price update than the market conditions, contrary to our plans.

- The importer / supplier company may have closed and stopped its commercial activities. own imported products are not in stock:

- Trade disputes experienced by our e-commerce company with the manufacturer's firm
- Stopping and shutting down the commercial activities of the product manufacturer.

-The manufacturer has made high price updates. e-commerce company's changing technological conditions in the level of product innovations on the product that the request of the manufacturer company is not welcomed.

- Shipping and customs expenses

In addition to these substances also monitoring the entire global market conditions not only Turkey and the necessary product sales, demand, supply, conducting statistical studies of e-commerce also has an effect on product sales and inventory. does not offer every product that is recommended by importers or suppliers. Our main goal is to avoid problems or to minimize problems in our products and sales.

We want to give our customers a better quality service without having time and job loss by asking questions via email, call center or social media accounts. wishes you best shopping!

HAPPY 2019!

Alternative energy sisytems are very important for our world.

World governments and technology companies, mainly working on Solar Energy system and other renewable energy systems.We prepared a concept that includes our products of renewable energy systems for 2019.

From today we can see 2019 will be a very different year for the world,Robot, artificial intelligence,augmentes and virtual reality, industry 4.0, industry 5.0,blockchain,bitcoin and othera cyrpto money,society 5.0, electric vehicles, autonomom cars,space technologies,alternative energy systems such as science and other technology top in this case.

We wish you a good year without leaving science and technology with our wishes of health and happiness.

Behind The Scenes Of Adding Products To E-Commerce Website

W are very careful and selective when we add even a product to online shopping website.

Already we use all kinds of statistics and datas such as the expectations of our customers from that product or our customers habits and behaviors.This is a mathematical part of this e-commerce profession.But behind the scenes is quite important's e-commerce team works so hard and crazy for create difference e-commerce industry in our company with their valuable efforts. e-commerce site when adding products to what we pay attention to a little more.

As we have mentioned many times, now operates as an online shopping and information technology company in the European Union silicon valley in European standards.

Especially after 2017, we add great attention to the quality of the product and easy of use in every product we. The quality of the products we sell should be in accordance with the European Union standards.We do not use any xml files or programs when adding our products to our e-commerce website. We are also looking at the correct or incomplete issues in the products content, and looking at whether there is a need to add ourselves tought to the contents of products. If we don't like the pictures of the products that are sent to us, we also take pictures of the product in our studio environment. We are able to make corrections and clarifications on the product images. All of them are making to be fully understood by our valued customers.

But sometimes we see that some of our customers do not fully read the product descriptions that we have carefully prepared for you while buying the products. Our robot or call center customer service person only serve to manage your ordering process. Our customer service person has general information about thousands of products and can not have detailed product information. This makes it possible to create a positive mutual satisfaction environment by reducing the probability of any bits making mistakes or misunderstanding.

Do not hesitate to contact our team!


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If you want to promote and trading any startup or venture project internationally, here are our suggestions:

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TTG Mentor Club Turkey Office


Tel: +908503030353 is at POLAND WARSAW IT FUTURE EXPO 2018

After the invitation we received from Poland, our e-commerce company and our e-commerce company in Ukraine tech team will be at the IT FUTURE EXPO 2018 SUBMIT .

We are the first Turkish e-commerce company in the IT FUTURE EXPO 2018 Warsaw,Poland

We worked hard and we have completed all our preparations.

We are the best way to represent the e-commerce sector in Turkey.

We love IT!

We will share our impressions with you at @ticaretgroup and @ torgovaya.ukraine on social media accounts of our e-commerce websites.

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@ticaretgroup tech and @torgovaya.ukraine tech teams within operating in takes place by the European Union TTG (Tech Trade Group) Entrepreneurship Club for the first time Turkey 

TTG now joined omany events in many different provinces in Turkey for followThey saw and met so many enterpreneurship problems in Turkey. and they want create events in Turkey in future.They spoke with Kollektif House for events and  it is included in the plans to be made within the next few months.

If you're looking sponsors and support for your products or projects freely contact with us.

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TicaretGroup Celebrate World Theaters Day!


Çanakkale is impassable!

We celebrate Çanakkale Victory setting an example to the whole world with its sprit of unity and solidarity, and remember with gratitude our martyrs who sacrificed their lives for freedom.

We would like to express our gratitude firstly to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and all our heroes who protected our Motherland unyieldingly despite all impossibilities.

Happy Birtday Einstein and Happy World Pi Day!

Today we celebrate Einstein's birthday and Pi day.

But Hawking has died today and our hearts deeply broken now

Today is Galileo's and Karl Marx's death of day too..

Again Happy Birhday Einstein!

You are always in between us ...