After the invitation we received from Poland, our e-commerce company and our e-commerce company in Ukraine tech team will be at the IT FUTURE EXPO 2018 SUBMIT .

We are the first Turkish e-commerce company in the IT FUTURE EXPO 2018 Warsaw,Poland

We worked hard and we have completed all our preparations.

We are the best way to represent the e-commerce sector in Turkey.

We love IT!

We will share our impressions with you at @ticaretgroup and @ torgovaya.ukraine on social media accounts of our e-commerce websites.

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@ticaretgroup tech and @torgovaya.ukraine tech teams within operating in takes place by the European Union TTG (Tech Trade Group) Entrepreneurship Club for the first time Turkey 

TTG now joined omany events in many different provinces in Turkey for followThey saw and met so many enterpreneurship problems in Turkey. and they want create events in Turkey in future.They spoke with Kollektif House for events and  it is included in the plans to be made within the next few months.

If you're looking sponsors and support for your products or projects freely contact with us.

If you say I'm different from the others than a creator are one of those who thinks, if you believe in your products and projects  TTG entrepreneurship club  c an help you for realize your dreams!

E-mail: Instagram: @ticaretgroup or @techtradegroup

TicaretGroup Celebrate World Theaters Day!


Çanakkale is impassable!

We celebrate Çanakkale Victory setting an example to the whole world with its sprit of unity and solidarity, and remember with gratitude our martyrs who sacrificed their lives for freedom.

We would like to express our gratitude firstly to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and all our heroes who protected our Motherland unyieldingly despite all impossibilities.

Happy Birtday Einstein and Happy World Pi Day!

Today we celebrate Einstein's birthday and Pi day.

But Hawking has died today and our hearts deeply broken now

Today is Galileo's and Karl Marx's death of day too..

Again Happy Birhday Einstein!

You are always in between us ...

''Look up to stars and not down at your feet'' Professor Stephen Hawking died on 14 March 2018 Today

Cambridge University published  this video for Professor Stephen Hawking

''Look up to stars and not down at your feet!''


Rest in the stars,you are blonge to cosmos anymore!
Stephen Hawking has died in 76 years old and today science world and humanity lost very valuable science man 
Today is Einstein's birtday and Pi days.At the moment Galileo's death of day.Really Stephen Hawking died in special day!

We Know All Women Are Strong! Happy International Women's Day!

Do we know the difference from other Space Research Centers of SpaceX Company?

Do we know the difference from other Space Research Centers of SpaceX Company?

Rockets come from three different parts.


-Fuel body


The impulse and the fuel body are used only to get out of the orbit to return, the aim is to push the thing to be transported out of the world at the head.

At the rocket staging phase, the payloads, that is the satellites in the cabin or the track to be traveled, are left at the desired point in the space, eaving modules of different rocket sections.

SPACEX founder Elon Musk said, "Why do we need to move the payload part of the rocket engine accents and the body disposable?" Payload part of the car, satellite or astronaut out of orbit, then push it back to the world''

They are trying to bring the rocket engine and the booster section back to the point of successful return.

But Falcon Heavy on February 6, 2018, had a problem and managed to return to the space center where the launch took place shortly after Falcon Heavy's two outer igniters threw it. But the planned landing of the SpaceX's giant rocket's central core igniter to the robot ship in the ocean was not successful.

The central core could fire only one of the three engines required for landing. Therefore, the robot planned to collapse was thrown into the water at a speed of 483 kilometers per hour at a distance of about 90 meters from the ship. The impact of the caused a shrapnel effect, and the two motors of the robot's ship were impacted unceasingly.

About two and a half minutes after the launch, the two outer igniters left the main body and returned to the earth. It landed at almost the same point as Landing Area 1 and Landing Area 2 in a pair of rocket spacecraft.

So Tesla Roadster and Starman, who are in the payload section of the cabin, are now continuing their space journey with the goal of reaching Mars and it is stated that they can reach Mars after 6 months. is 12 Years Old!

Our company was founded in 01.06.1994 behalf on name Karabulut Ticaret.

We were founded 19.01.2016 in Istanbul Turkey 

Today is 12th. anniversary day.

Our mission is develop science and technology with e-commerce 

We thanks to all our customers and visitors!

TicaretGroup team were at International CBME (Children,Baby Maternity Expo) Fair in Istanbul Turkey

As TicaretGroup tech team have been working all over the world. At the same time we are closely following the sectors all kind of fair and events in our country. One of the sectors is mothe, baby and children's products.

CBME (Children Baby Materials Expo) is an International Fair in Istanbul Turkey.We visited CBME and we shared our photos,videos and ideas by our @ticaretgroup instagram and facebook pages.

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