Question: How do I subscribe to

Answer: You can sign up for free on our site very easily and practically. you can subscribe by filling in the required information in the subscription form by clicking on the button I want to subscribe by clicking on my account tab in the top menu.

Question: How can I order from



If you click on the add cart button, the items in your shopping cart will be determined with all the details and the amount you will pay will depend on the currency you have chosen. As it is clearly shown to you.

When you order, payment options will be indicated. You can easily complete your order process by selecting one of the following payment options: credit card prepayment, credit card installment, transfer, payment at the door.

In addition, cargo charges are automatically calculated by the system during the ordering stage.


You can place your order by credit card, bank transfer or payment cash on  delivery time by calling customer service directly.

Customer Service:

+90 850 303 0 353 (Weekday 10.00-18.00)


You can order by sending an e-mail to our mail address.



You can order directly from our site delivery office's and receive your orders.

Address in Turkish: Ticaret Group

Marmara Caddesi No: 36 Cerrahpaşa / Fatih / stanbul (Weekday 10.00-18.00)

Adress in English: Trade Group 

36,Marmara Avenue Cerrahpasa Fatih Istanbul 34098

Question: How is Credit Card Security Provided in Your Site?

Answer: Our site uses the latest technological security systems available in the world. We are fully protected with 128 bit SSL and set global sign security certificate and all the information you have entered is sent to the direct bank. After giving your approval to our bank, sending operations are started.

Question: Can I send a different adress to the order into

Answer: We can send your orders to your desired adress. You can also do this by entering the name of the person you want to send and the address information you want to send to us.

If you have difficulty in doing this, our customer service will help you

Question: Does Ticaret Group work with which cargo companies?

Answer: Our company is working with Mng Cargo and PTT Cargo in agreement and contract. The cash payments are made with 'PTT CARGO' at the time of delivery, and the normal cargos received with '' MNG KARGO '' for in Turkey

We use international cargo system of air mail for outside of Turkey 

Question: What do I need to do if I encounter a technical problem when ordering in

Answer: You can send an e-mail or by posting a message to our customer service on the contact us form 

Question: Does your customer service have a time of day?

Answer: Customer service is available between 10.00-18.00 hours on weekdays working hours.

Question: How do I get to Customer Service?

Answer: E-mail: or contact us form

Question: Do you have a payment service at delivery time?

Answer: Yes. Our cash payment service is available in every province and city in Turkey and in Ukraine

Question: How do I order a payment on delivery from

Answer: You can give your payment order at 7/24 on delivery online, as a member or without a member, by calling our customer service directly between 10.00-18.00 pm. hours on business days or by sending an e-mail to my site to give your cash payment order on delivery. Please specify.

Question: How much is the shipping charge for delivery?

Answer: Payment on delivery is standard 10 TL. for Tukey and 100 UAH for Ukraine 

Question: I live in Istanbul. Can I take the delivery on the same day from

Answer: The same day delivery service for Istanbul is not available at present. The courier service is a problem to live with courier companies. If you send a courier to our office, you can get your order on the same day. Please inform us by e-mail or phone before sending courier for this transaction.

Question: Can I use Credit Card on payment at delivery?

Answer: You can only pay for the product items ordered in our payment service in cash by '' cash ''. Unfortunately you can not pay by credit card.

Question: Can I buy your products directly from's delivery office?

Answer: you can buy products which are seen as stock our site by coming to our '' product delivery office ''.

Question: I live in another country Can my orders be sent to outside of Turkey?

Answer: All your orders are sent outside of Turkey You can place orders for your desired country online.

If you live in Ukraine, you can also place orders in Russian language from our trading company Ukrainian company e-commerce site in Ukraine.

Question:How can i pay on delivery for outside of Turkey?

Answer: No. The products you ordered abroad can not be sent as payment in delivery. It is included in North of Cyprus

if you are in Ukraine, you can use our cash payment service on delivery.

Question: How can I pay for the products I will order abroad?

Answer: You can pay for products you will order from abroad on our site online via bank transfer, credit card. The system calculates the charge amount automatically.

All visa,master and american express cards are valid in the system, and you can make payments by wire transfer, western union or by bank, bank or post office.

Question: Can I order with Mail Order?

Answer: Yes. You can request the mail order form from our customer representative online or by mail. You can also use our mail order service on the phone. Our customer representatives will help you and will provide you the safest payment by mail order.

The information you provide will be sent directly to the bank and bank approval will be required. After the bank approval, your transaction will be completed.

Question: Do you have a cash payment service for North of Cyprus delivery?

Answer: No. As mentioned in the question links, payment service is only available for '' TURKEY '' and '' UKRAINE ''.

Question: Do you have a guarantee of products on the market?

Answer: Of course, our products are guaranteed for 2 years and are delivered to our valued customers with warranty documents.

In addition, the products are individually checked individually before the cargo is delivered. However, this process can not be done for the unopened and vacuum products. If there is a problem in such products, we make individual changes and we require our customers to open and test the vacuum packaging for the new product to be shipped. Vacuum products are not encountered very often.

Having trouble with the after-sales customer is a situation that we do not like, which we do not like, and products are sent "TESTED" to remove problems that may arise in the future.

Question: Is your Technical Service available?

Answer: All of our products are guaranteed and we have technical service in Turkey and in Ukraine

Question: What does it mean for pre-ordered products on the site?

Answer: Products that are ordered as pre-order means that these products are not currently in stock but will be available in stock in the near future. Products arrive at an estimated 15-20 days, depending on the situation, up to a month. It is recommended that you choose stott existing products. Pre-order products will be seen as stock when we have stocks.

Question: How can I change my membership information after I become a member?

Answer: After you become a member of my site, you can make the necessary corrections by clicking on the menu item you want to perform on the toolbar menus on the left side. The customer services menu is completely owned by our members and you can easily change your membership information like address, phone, , Can follow orders

Question: I have send bank transfer to How can I give you inform?

Answer: Please fill in the Contact Us form and send it.Other way is send us e-mail

Question: What can I do in the Customer Service Department?

Answer: Our customer service department is completely prepared for our members and you have to be a member of our site to benefit from this part. After you become a member, you have opened a customer service menu and have prepared a system that you can customize for yourself and easily operate completely online. All you can do on the customer service menu Transactions are written in the subject headings on the customer service menu.

Question: I want to buy a product but seen no stock,When Will Your Stocks Come?

Answer: We do not ask you whether the products that are seen as red staple on the site are not present in our stocks. It is not certain when such products will come to stocks or not. The system will show this as green staple with staple. 

Question: I live in Moldov,Russia.Belarus or can speak any Russian countries,you will send your goods from which country warehouse?

Answer: We send all our goods from our Ukraine warehouse for Europe 

Question: Can's customer service departments speak English or other languages?

Answer: Yes,we can speak English,Russian and Chinese

We Wish All Our Customers Have a Good Shopping!