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Easily Open Your Store on!

Our company founded in 1994 and published in 2006 year If you want make profit our software and technologies you can open your shop in Ticaret Group Opening Store As Seller On Our Site Terms and Conditions:

-You can sell just which we dont sell type of goods or categories

-The name of your store should not violate personal or corporate rights such as licenses, copyrights.

-Sale of unlawful products is not allowed.

-Sale of + 18 products is not allowed. What Are the Benefits of Opening a Store on Our Site?

-You will be able to benefit free from the our investments for Turkey

-You will be able to enter all the contents of your store without limit, such as description, picture, video to our site.

-You can create custom pages for yourself.

-You will be able to make a sale with credit card at any time without paying an additional fee.

-We offer you for your products and services introductions for 10 USD + VAT in our Russian language website on can also provide you our products for sale in Ukraine and in all the countries that speak Russian and sell online. Product addition and sales stages will be managed by us. Russian language is not available on our site.

-The commission rates from our suppliers to your site will be invoiced to your name / company.

-Open online shop cost is usd 16 an dcommision rate is %10 per product 

-We will publish free your one product in ticaretgroup's homepage and also free publish ticaretgroup's instagram,facebook,linkedin,tumblr and youtube channels.