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Establishment Principle: The transformation of knowledge into a project with innovative creative ideas and the commercialization of the company management and product marketing processes with innovation.Also Our  brand name is Trade surname is Group))

Establishment: TGroup World was established in 2015 as a sub-department of our company in Torgovaya Group Ukraine.Our TGroup World Startup and Mentor club started to take part in the official approval of the state of Estonia in June 2017.

Consultancy Service:

Our consulting are wide ranging,but often follow a similar theme - our clients know that they have something great, but need an external set of eyes and lateral thoughts to bring this to the fore.

We make you money because we deliver ideas that continue to build revenue and grow the your startup,projects or business.

We are developing technologies and innovations for your products or services.Also supporting you for develop your own tech.

We specialise in getting to the heart of startup or business development problems by linking strategy and innovation. Our 25 years of (very successful) experience in the world of business, mixed with our curious brains and a passion for unearthing gems of products and services gives us very high levels of success in working in such scenarios.

We are not consulting just for commercial companies.We are consulting and specialise in getting to the heart of startup or project development with creative ideas.We are helping you on creative process with strategy and innovation.

Mentorship:We are supporting startup projects which we liked and can see future on them.Also we are finding global investment for your startup projects.For create our mentorship ideas all we are joining so many startup events all around the world.Sometimes we are a speaker or lecturer,sometimes we are a jury and sometimes just listener and follower in events.Also we like  hearing new futuristic ideas and we would like to support the future looks bright or strength startups.

Events and Summits:Our companies are creating own events with professional organisers in different countries all around the world. Sometimes we are attending a lecturer,speaker or jury for other institutions events or summits such as university,school,IT companies or government organizations.

Affiliate Program: We are ready to work together with national and international organizations.


So will how to communicate with us ?

We accept all your first  applications from our company Torgavaya Group,which is part of our TGroup Ukraine office.

The easiest way to email: 

Contact: +38 (067) 66-44-40-31 (Russian/Ukranian/English)

Web: Startup Story ... A Brief Summary

We have established our company in 1994 and from 2006 we have decided to move our fast moving entrepreneurship activities from our social media accounts apart from our trading program e-commerce site since 19.04.2018.

What did the TicaretGroup do on behalf of entrepreneurship without first telling us about our entrepreneurship club we tried to introduce? Let's continue with the question.

First of all in 2006 we started our startup business on internet and technology by establishing our company as Ticaret Group.

This time, take a step back and not the future, let's get into the details of what the Ticaret Group did before 2006.

What was the name of our company, Karabulut Ticaret, established in 1994 and still in operation in Turkey.

We acted in automotive,real estate and insurance sector. While performing our activities, we brokered the sales of cars that everyone would not use. We also brokered the housing buying and selling issues in different styles. We also got insurance agency. But we ended all these activities in 2006 and our Ticaret Group e-commerce site we have established. grew rapidly every day and gathered all the media at its doorstep. The situation got worse and we started not to give an appointment because of the intensity to the media channels. The news programs that took the camera to get news about our products and services even came unaware of our office. There have been a lot of programs that have benefited from the technologies and products that we have developed. In the first 3 years since the establishment of the Ticaret Group has reached to the level that we would like to predict. But we worked hard with determination. .

Are you going to say it all went well? Not,some people,some firms and even government made us so much problem but we won.Because we said us we will win and we trusted and believed us.It is more important for enterpreneurs life!

We went to Hongkong and founded Lylying International in partnership with a Chinese telecommunications company in 2009. We started the production of products such as ultrasonic animal repellent, led bulb, sound amplifying earphone in shenzhen city of China. Our first office was established in Gangxia district, 2 metro stops away from Shenzhen Huaqiangbei district, which is the heart of technology products. But  after 3 years in 2011 we founded an international technology Hongkong company together with a partner in Hong Kong, Shenzhen Import Export International Technology Limited company.

Ticaret Group for the first time that ultrasonic repellent,led bulbs and spy ear products imported company in Turkey. Our brand is GX Ultrasonic Repellents also appropriate for the products to be patented by the Turkish Patent Entistus. Our entrepreneurs and startups have progressed very rapidly, and we have reached our desired results. We are not talking about getting a visa from China, airfare and other investment costs and problems right now.

But in years Turkish economy started be bad and we begun met stupidly business and trade topics in Turkey and we didnt see well Turkish trade life for future.So we decided search marcet where we can sell our goods and projects from Asia to Europe and USA.

This is the main reason our decision entrepreneuriality club in Estonia

The second one is our work in Ukraine. We are a company in 2015 that opens the first e-commerce site about interesting gifts and technology products by making a big initiative in Ukraine. The Torgovaya Group is name of our company in Ukraine 

If you want to do business in Europe, you have to pay more attention to the branding value. We established our company in Ukraine as Torgovaya Group Ukraine (Trade Group Ukraine).

Of course, in Ukraine we had to deal with a lot of things like establishing a company, investing necessary capital, supplying products, establishing logistic systems and bank payment systems. Besides, it was not easy to solve the problems of work and residence permits. We have done everything successfully in Ukraine and we are doing it. While doing these things, Ukraine has established Torgovaya Group Ukraine (Trade Group Ukraine) company in a very big conglomerate in Kiev, Ukraine. Our Ukranian e-commerce site is in Ukraine getting stronger on its way to becoming an e-commerce site known by many who likes interesting gifts and technology people in Ukraine, which has achieved the sales successes that we want right now.

Our other company is the TGroup World company which we founded in the European Union Silicon Valley Estonia. Our brand is TGroup World and Trade Group is our brand all over the world without China and Hongkong,It is very important to create a brand image of our companies.

TGroup Estonia We will tell you at the startup events how we will make a series of hundreds of things we plan to do in the future, such as how the Silicon Valley was selected, which phases have passed, what kind of report to the Estonian State has these rights.

Continued soon our startup events and programs.Lets be curious!